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September 2012

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September 2012



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After Rio+20: What New World Governance Does the World Need?
Illustration: Konrad Schosinsky

¤ 21 September 2012
Translations: English (original) .

There has already been a good deal of post-Rio+20 articles. A large majority have expressed discontentment, disappointment, the evidence of failure foretold, the inadequacy of the final declaration of governments, etc. Some have gone on to mention that the Conference of the United Nations exposed a crisis in world governance. The fact is that in the current state of things, we do not have the adequate structures to solve problems at the global scale.

The world-governance crisis, like any other crisis, carries its share of risks and its share of opportunities for new, innovative, dynamic, bold actors to open new perspectives and overcome the crisis. This requires deep rethinking of democracy, the state, and the market, as well as defining the world society that we want.

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