Whenever you are in doubt, recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man. Gandhi Do what is right. Rosa Parks . . . for with freedom come responsibilities. Nelson Mandela Henceforth, our country should be the universe. Flora Tristan *

Vidéos de la rencontre « gouvernance et ressentiment »

FnWG Team, Traversées ¤ 23 September 2009
Related themes: Agendas and roadmaps ¤ Values and principles ¤ Peace building ¤ Local development ¤ Regional integration ¤ Player networking ¤ Views on Global Governance ¤ World-governance building strategies ¤ Conflict resolution ¤ Cross-cultural relations ¤ Citizen participation ¤ Peoples’ assemblies ¤ Justice ¤ Subsidiarity ¤ Gender relations

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