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Post-2015: Global Action for an Inclusive and Sustainable Future
European Report on Development 2013

Based on an assessment of the MDG experience and on an
analysis of the changing international context and likely
trends for the next 20-30 years, the ERD 2013 attempts
to identify key potential drivers of a global partnership
for development post-2015. Three such drivers are

Money: Development Finance. A fundamental question for an ambitious post-2015
agenda is how to both raise additional development
finance and make it more effective. The Report
points to the importance of diversification and to the
prioritisation of resources that maximise national
policy space.

Goods: Trade and Investment. The Report calls for the post-2015 agenda to focus on
helping LICs and LDCs gain productive capacity, move
into modern sector production, and achieve structural
economic transformation, including job creation, by
leveraging trade and investment policies.

People: Labour Migration. The Report argues that migration should feature
prominently in the post-2015 framework. The
facilitation of labour mobility could play a key role
in reducing poverty and fostering development. It
could bring major benefits for receiving and sending
countries as well as for migrants.

In considering options for a post-2015 framework, the
Report seeks to think beyond existing parameters, and
to look “Beyond MDGs” and “Beyond Aid”

I. An MDG-type agenda
II. A global anti-poverty agenda
III. An international co-operation agenda
IV. A global development agenda

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