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Juin 2013

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Juin 2013



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For a Democratic Cosmopolitarian Movement
Photo: Sub-Cooperativa de Fotógrafos

Marina Urquidi ¤ 21 June 2013
Translations: English (original) .

The world ecological crisis and the inability of the international system of states to respond to it demonstrate that the human condition is now, more than ever, universal. It is driving humankind to think of itself today as a world community, to defend its survival and its future. Humanity is nonetheless still struggling to see itself as a world community, and consciousness of sharing a common destiny on a global level has yet to be widespread. Notwithstanding, effective world governance is now indispensable for the survival of humanity on earth, not to mention humankind’s aspirations for liberty. How can world governance be put into effect? This is the issue of the century. The author raises questions that should contribute to a new paradigm of thought, which in turn should lead to a new paradigm of action.

(This article is also available in Chinese.)

Source: Discover the questions raised and discussed by Jean Rossiaud.

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