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October 2013

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October 2013

Managing Territories, Cities, and the Rural World
Cities for All: Proposals and Experiences for the Right to the City
Photo: Leszek Golubinski

Marina Urquidi ¤ 31 October 2013
Translations: English (original) .

This book is a response to the call to unite under the Right to the City as a banner of the struggle against neoliberalism. It gives the floor to a wide range of actors fighting for this right. The variety of views, discourses, cultures, and experiences are the guiding themes of this publication. Different ideas are articulated and their differences made to converge toward the same goal: the right to the city. It shows how city dwellers are affected in their daily life by: lack of access to land and services; tenure insecurity; evictions for numerous reasons—privatization, property speculation, mega-projects and mega-events; power abuse and trafficking; the deregulation of public spaces; and urban planning in the interests of the few.

Source: Download the book here.

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