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April 2014

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April 2014

Reference File
Environmental Governance and Managing the Earth
Photo: Connie Krejci

Marina Urquidi ¤ 9 April 2014
Translations: English (original) .

Put together in 2008 by Germà Pelayo, this file contains in the form of information sheets a series of discussions and proposals developed around the environmental dimension of world governance. These have been categorized according to the following themes: rebuilding the environmental balance; managing energy, mineral, and ocean resources; farming, and food security and sovereignty; sustainable development; and the relationship between humankind and the biosphere.
The file pools a variety of analyses, ideas, and proposals in terms of content, perspectives, themes, and cultural influences in the realm of environmental governance of the planet. Its originality and relevance come from the pioneering nature of the search to respond to the need of a plural and responsible development of this very critical dimension of global governance, paving the way to concrete action.

Source: Look at some of the brilliant work done in this field.

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