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Types of Goods and Producers

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Types of Goods and Producers



PMCs, Human Security and Global Governance in Global Public Sphere
Against GASC: Global Armed Societal Conflicts

Kato Akira ¤ 26 March 2008
Related themes: Human security ¤ Legitimacy ¤ Non-state actors ¤ Peace building ¤ Welfare society
Translations: English (original) . Español . français .

In analyzing the reasons why these non-state actors have been appearing in global political scene particularly since the end of the cold war, this essay considers their impacts on the traditional international security system, and the prospects of whether they are conducive to giving birth to human security in global public sphere.

The author will try to grasp important issues in public security such postmodern terrorism, organized crimes, ethnic struggles, religious conflicts and so on, as an incidence of Global Armed Societal Conflict (GASC) in the public sphere; based on the notion of global non-civil public as opposed to that of global civil public, this GASC should be recognized as a violent expression of identity politics which seeks “recognitive justice” relating to honorary values, rather than a “distributive justice” relating to welfare values.

This research note will take a completely different outlook from the traditional argument on ways to deal with PMC: Private Military Company, that is, from the new perspective of global public sphere, human security as global public security, PMC as one of armed non-state actors to cope with GASCs.

The author analyzes the transformation of the Public Sphere at the local and national level, and relates the emergence of the Global Public Sphere. Then he will approach this last one from the perspective of power building and management with GASCs. Finally the author concludes by stating that to wipe away the gaze of authority and to be able to cope with terrorism from the angle of security for all humans as a group, it is essential to solve the difficult problem of rule without authority.

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