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Economic Governance and Globalization

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Economic Governance and Globalization



Seven Leverage Points for the Passage from Economy to Œconomy

The concept of leverage points is very well adapted for a coalition wanting to act in favor of the great transition. We need to identify some concrete issues which we think should have a strong leverage effect as it would imply changes in the whole system.

And looking at what is the systemic change about, it would not be a surprise that these leverage points relate either to concepts or to actors or to the very tools which are used in present economy. Here are seven proposed leverage points :

1. Adopt the new word “œconomy” to describe the systemic change
2. Adopt the Charter of universal responsibilities
3. Create a multi-dimensional currency
4. Support a multi-level governance of production, exchange and consumption
5. Adopt relevant governance regimes for the different goods and services
6. Promote global sustainable supply chain, notably through WTO
7. Acknowledge territories as pivotal actors of the œconomy and give territories the means to manage their natural, material, human and immaterial capital




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