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Environmental Governance and Managing the Earth

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Environmental Governance and Managing the Earth



"Biocivilization" for the Sustainability of Life and of the Planet. Video on the Workshop

Rio de Janeiro, August 10-12, 2011
A short video of the seminar

The purpose of this meeting was to add our bit to the construction of a citizens’ movement facing the challenge of Rio+20. Participants were asked to work on a citizen agenda, which will be different from the official agenda. This agenda starts with a fundamental question:

What ethical, political, and philosophical "biocivilization" basics are needed for the sustainability of life and of the planet?

Participants were divided into theme-based groups for the duration of the three-day seminar to work on the following questions:

- What ethics, political and philosophical, are needed?
- With what economy?
- With what architecture of power, from the local to the global scales?

The video is not subtitled. Participants in it speak in Portuguese, Spanish, English, or Chinese, and on the whole, you should get the gist of the content without a problem.

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