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World Governance Index (WGI)
Version 2.0. 2011 Report

Both a photograph and a means to induce action/reaction, the WGI has a
twofold dimension. An analytical dimension—it tries to provide as true a
reflection as possible of the state of world governance—and an operational
dimension—it must enable players to act or to react in the direction of a
more efficient, more democratic world governance more in phase with the

The index was designed mainly to offer political decision makers,
whatever their level (national, regional or international), companies,
and NGOs reliable, independent, and scrutinized information that will allow

• to evaluate a state’s degree of governance
• to identify its governance strengths and weaknesses
• to monitor its evolutions over time

This 2011 Report presents the WGI, version 2.0. It establishes new world and regional rankings of the countries included in the survey, a ranking factoring in the changes that have occurred since the first 2008 version of the index.

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Federica Matta, L’oeil du monde, No 6, 2004


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