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September 2011

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September 2011



World Governance Index
China, India

¤ 21 September 2011
Translations: English (original) .

The WGI developed here constitutes a first in world governance. Like any other prototype, the WGI can most certainly be perfected; it is an instrument limited, like most indicators of this type, by the availability of reliable data, among other factors. All the same, the WGI offers a relatively precise view of world governance.*

Understanding the indicators that constitute the WGI
See or publish the WGI of the country of your choice*

* The above tables have only been developed in French for the moment.

Paix et sécurité - Peace and Security
État de droit - Rule of Law
Droits de l’Homme - Human Rights
Développement durable - Sustainable Development
Développement humain - Human Development
Indice de Gouvernance Mondiale - World Governance Index

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