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World Governance Index

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To get detailed results, click on the countries or select the desired name of the country or territory in the drop-down menu on the right. You can zoom in if necessary.
The WGI has been published for 2011 and 2008. You can select the publication year of the index in the drop-down menu on the left.
When you click on a country, you also get the country graph under the map.

World Governance Index

Map of the WGI

Both a photograph and a means to induce action/reaction, the WGI has a
twofold dimension. An analytical dimension—it tries to provide as true a
reflection as possible of the state of world governance—and an operational
dimension—it must enable players to act or to react in the direction of a
more efficient, more democratic world governance more in phase with the

The WGI covers the following domains, each of which is made up of sub-indicators and composite indexes:

•Peace and Security
•Rule of Law
•Human Rights and Participation
•Sustainable Development
•Human Development

Sorted table

Press ALT and select several columns for multiple sorting. Under Linux press ALT and CTRL simultaneously.

World Governance Index
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