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December 2011

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December 2011



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Preparing Rio+20 at the Thematic Social Forum: A Historical Opportunity

¤ 29 December 2011
Translations: English (original) .

Every year since January 2001, and every other year after 2005, the different actors of global civil society have assembled for mutual reinforcement and cross-fertilization at a World Social Forum (WSF), as well as at increasingly numerous and diverse Regional and Thematic Social Forums. Eleven years after the first WSF, the January 2012 Thematic Social Forum at Porto Alegre in preparation for the Rio+20 Peoples Summit in June, arises as a historical opportunity. Our FnWG teams are working actively with many allies to make of the Porto Alegre Forum and the Rio+20 Peoples Summit significant stages that will remain in the memories of the new citizenships of the early twenty-first century.
We are submitting to you here three Proposal Paper drafts that were debated at the international seminar organized by IBASE, the FnWG, and EURALAT in Rio last August. These texts are also contributions to prepare the debates around the main themes of the next Porto Alegre Forum. This will not, cannot be a lost decade.

Source: Read the Proposal Papers.

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