The world is for the public good, such is the Great Way. Confucius Henceforth, our country should be the universe. Flora Tristan Whenever you are in doubt, recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man. Gandhi Two dangers constantly threaten the world: order and disorder. Paul Valéry *

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Participate in the Drafting and Circulation of the Charter of the Peoples of the Earth

The Peoples Summit at Rio+20 deserves a Charter to leave the stamp of a written “footprint” of the historical demands of those who will participate on site and from afar in this event. At every moment of history that has marked a big change, peoples have sought to express their visions of the future in a Carta Magna, Declarations, and/or Manifestos.

The Charter of the Peoples of the Earth is inspired from the historical South African Freedom Charter, which was the banner of the anti-Apartheid movement and was adopted in 1955 by the Congress of the People. This first version of the Charter of the Peoples was drafted by the coordination team of the Forum for a new World Governance and regional Citizens Assemblies in solidarity and committed with grassroots movements active in different continents.

The following text is a first initiative and an invitation to talk. It is already being enhanced, modified, and reformulated through dialogs organized in preparation for the Rio+20 Peoples Summit and beyond.

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