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World Governance Index

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World Governance Index

The Five WGI Indicators

Peace and Security indicator

The Peace and Security indicator is broken down into two sub-indicators: the National Security sub-indicator and the Public Security sub-indicator. The National Security sub-indicator comprises: Conflicts, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, and Displaced Persons. The Public Security sub-indicator comprises: Political Climate, Degree of Trust among Citizens, Violent Crime, and Homicides per 100,000 Inhabitants.

Rule of Law indicator

Rule of law, as it is studied here, refers exclusively to how laws are designed, formulated, and implemented by a country’s legal authorities. The particular aspect of rule of law referring to a higher and binding moral law is approached in the study of the Human Rights and Participation indicator.

Human Rights and Participation indicator

The Human Rights and Participation indicator is broken down into three sub-indicators: the Civil and Political Rights sub-indicator, the Participation sub-indicator, and the Gender Discrimination / Inequality sub-indicator.

Sustainable Development indicator

The concept of sustainable development is based on two core principles: on the one hand, intergenerational solidarity (seeking improvement of the well-being of future generations); on the other, intragenerational solidarity (sharing well-being or the conditions for well-being within the same generation). These two principles are expressed in the normative statement of the goals that make up the different dimensions of sustainability: the economic sphere, the social dimension (inequality and poverty), and the environmental sphere.

Human Development indicator

In the realm of human development, the most fundamental of an individual’s possibilities consists in leading a long and healthy life, being well-informed, having access to the resources necessary for a decent standard of living, and being able to take part in the life of the community. Not having these basic abilities restricts the number of life choices and makes many opportunities inaccessible.

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