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March 2012

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March 2012

Peoples Summit at Rio+20
Another Future Is Possible
Photo: Melinda Taber

¤ 21 March 2012
Translations: English (original) .

Come and reinvent the world at Rio+20! We can do it, and to do so we already have viable proposals, in many cases already validated by the experiences of a broad variety of networks, non-governmental organizations, and different kinds of social movements.
We are offering you here the compilation "Another Future Is Possible" with excerpts from the documents that were developed by the thematic groups at the Thematic Social Forum of Porto Alegre this past January 24-29. This compilation is not a finished summary, but organizing these texts according to the four main themes that structured the work at the Porto Alegre Forum provides a more structured and relevant view. This compilation thus seeks to contribute to the work to be accomplished by the civil-society organizations and networks that will come together at the Peoples Summit at Rio+20 next June 2012.

Source: Don’t miss reading this document.

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