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March 2012

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March 2012



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Proposal Papers for the Rio+20 Peoples Summit
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¤ 21 March 2012
Translations: English (original) .

The FnWG has been working with numerous stakeholders to develop proposals for the Peoples Summit in Rio+20 since late 2010. This has resulted in a set of four Proposal Papers that are intended to contribute to everyone’s understanding of the complexity of the debates that are at stake and to help to structure the debates around the four themes covered by each of the papers:

  • Ethical and Philosophical Foundations for Biocivilization
  • For a Fair and Sustainable Economy
  • Paradigm Shifts That Need to Be Made for the Transition
  • For a Fair and Democratic Architecture of Power

Even, and perhaps especially, if you will not be in Rio, we would be very grateful if you read these papers, because they are still working papers and your contributions, comments, and improvements will be welcome at:

Source: Tell us what you think about these proposals.

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