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March 2012

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March 2012




¤ 21 March 2012
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This issue is devoted to the Rio+20 Peoples Summit to be held from June 15 to 23, 2012. We have focused on the work that we have initiated since 2010 and to which we have contributed in preparing for this meeting. Unlike the official UN Summit, which will not be able to ignore the fiasco of their 40 years’ worth of decisions since the 1972 UN Stockholm conference on the environment but will stubbornly pursue their usual approach, which is to accommodate the interests of precisely those forces that are indisputably responsible for our current critical situation, the Peoples Summit will seek to open the vital pathways to the paradigm shifts we need for our preservation and to how we can accomplish them. Our work is the result of contributions from networks and individuals from every region and every sector, because any proposal and conception of governance will depend on the action and mobilization of vast majorities of persons, actors, movements, and peoples. This is the true decisive issue.

Such action and mobilization will be shaped by proposals and ideas. So we are also asking you, whoever and wherever you are, to join this participatory and inclusive approach that will guarantee the viability of breakthrough proposals not only for a better future, but for any future at all. Your input will be valuable!

FnWG Team

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