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September 2012

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September 2012




¤ 21 September 2012
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Rio+20 is over, seems long gone, and we’re back. Much has been written on the official summit and most of it could be called “Much Ado about Nothing.” Not much has been written, however, about the Peoples’ Summit. We are offering you three articles here: a critique of the UN Conference, some thoughts on the Peoples’ Summit, and on the left, an invitation to pursue our goal of building a new world governance. Staying the course in this effort is indispensable because the governance now ruling the planet—as proven once again in Rio—is completely unable to solve the current crucial problems, which will only get worse unless we take a different route, as is painfully evident from the article published by our ally organization “Grain.”
Moving in this direction, we hope to enhance your own thinking with a discussion of the Commons, at the core of the new world view that will lead us out of the dead end in which we are entrapped. Nor will the future be viable without social justice, as was strongly put before the conference.
We are completing our tour of the continents by showing you the World Governance Index of two countries in Oceania: Australia and Papua New Guinea.
We hope you enjoy these and other articles on our Web site and will be expecting your reactions and suggestions… the necessary transition can only benefit from everyone’s contribution.

FnWG Team

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