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December 2012

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December 2012



World Governance Index
Norway, Somalia

¤ 13 December 2012
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The Forum for a new World Governance launched the World Governance Index - WGI project in 2008. The idea was to develop a “tool” that would allow the players in charge of governance to be aware of the emerging issues and problems, and to help them to find the necessary solutions.
For this issue of the FnWG newsletter we are offering you the WGI 2011 for the country that has the highest IGM ranking and the one that has the lowest, as well as their ranking compared to their WGI 2008. Interesting to note that although Norway’s IGM declined with respect to 2008, its ranking went up one point, and although Somalia remains the country with the lowest ranking, its IGM increased slightly. Food for thought on global evolutions?

See or publish the map of the WGI.

Source: About the indicators that constitute the WGI

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