True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice. Martin Luther King, Jr. Whenever you are in doubt, recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man. Gandhi Two dangers constantly threaten the world: order and disorder. Paul Valéry Henceforth, our country should be the universe. Flora Tristan *

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Trade, Money, and Finances



Global Calling-for-help Center

In the world there is a large number of local communities facing poverty problems that they cannot solve on their own. Existing institutions can only help a small percentage of these communities. There are many people in the world willing to offer their assistance, but they cannot find the proper places to offer their help because of the limits in information. At the moment, there is no mechanism that can connect people willing to give their help and people in need of help. The Global Calling-for-help Center’s ambition is to create a mechanism that will enable the problems of local communities to be solved on a scale that really matters.

The Global Calling-for-help Center’s mission is to help the local communities all over the world to fight against poverty by giving them access to the huge reservoir of resources (knowledge, solutions, energy, and money) that is available elsewhere.

How can the local communities get access to the large pool of resources that exists in the world? Through the online volunteers all over the world. A person, wherever he or she comes from, can first register as an online volunteer on the online Global Calling-for-help Center, and then he or she can start helping a local community by simply working in front of the computer at home. The role of online volunteers is primarily that of intermediary. They bring all the resources of the Internet and the international community (NGOs all around the world) within reach of the local community.

This introductory note to the proposal for a Global Calling-for-help Center, includes, among others: the principles underpinning this initiative, the management-team structure, The Web site structure, and a specific example of how an online village can achieve its goal.

Source: Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance



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