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March 2013

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March 2013




¤ 21 March 2013
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How can citizens take politics back from the powers destroying our species and our planet? The question is vast and… global. But contrary to the hegemonic vision of those who have the upper hand for now, the global we are seeking is diverse, interdependent, and interconnected within a single living planet. In what ways can we build the new world to which we aspire? How can we be a global community ruled by global democracy? These are the questions cutting across this issue of the FnWG newsletter. They bring with them specific proposals. International labor movements, for instance, aware of the interconnectedness of all issues, are making proposals on how to raise finance for climate policy. New economic thinking suggests a rethink of how the value of work is rewarded. A benchmark study on global governance across the ages underscores that new world governance cannot be grounded on pure thought; it also needs experience in order to build on the essentials of a good common life. The movements converging in Tunis for the 2013 World Social Forum will be doing just that, just as smaller international civil-society meetings have been doing for many years. The World Governance Index for Mali and Niger is also here to remind us of the connection between poor governance and armed conflict. Much food for thought and action: enjoy!

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