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Jean-René Bachelet

Jean-René Bachelet completed a full military career in the French Army through to the highest levels of responsibilities. He commanded the Sarajevo sector in 1995 in the framework of UNPROFOR. Since 1996, he has conducted in-depth thinking touching on the fundamentals of the military profession in terms of ethics and behavior in order to give the French Army, which at the time was being professionalized, a professional reference framework; these considerations have resulted in a number of documents, the main ones of which are: “Les fondements et principes de l’exercice du métier des armes dans l’armée de terre” (foundations and principles in exercising the arms profession in the Army) and the “Code du soldat” (soldier’s code), as well as in the book Pour une éthique du métier des armes. Vaincre la violence (For an ethics of the arms profession. Defeating violence), Éditions Vuibert, May 2006. He ended his career as General in the position of Inspector-General of the Armed Forces, which he held from November 1, 2002 to March 12, 2004. He left active service on March 12, 2004. He is currently, among others, president of the Association des Glières. Pour la mémoire de la Résistance.

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The Role of Armies, Disarmament, and Conversion

Soldiers and the Latest Trends: Lessons from Yugoslavia?
¤ Jean-René Bachelet ¤ 27 July 2010
We are immersed in the latest trends. The current trends in a given society, for a given period and on a given issue mean we might think this, or we might think that; or rather, we might not think it: this or that imposes itself as the truth, with no need for argument, or even any question of refuting it. Most people accept this without thinking, and some with conviction; certain free spirits, on the other hand, view it with distrust or even scepticism; a minority swim against the current, (...) read more

Bringing the Violence of War under Control in a Globalized World
¤ Jean-René Bachelet ¤ 30 September 2009
The most serious of all the dangers facing humanity at the outset of the 21st century is undoubtedly that which threatens its very survival. Since the end of the 20th century, we have entered into a transitional phase, with one crisis succeeding and overlapping the next: the financial crisis and accompanying economic crisis, affecting entire swathes of the banking and industrial systems and once again raising the specter of mass unemployment for those economies most tied into global (...) read more

Military Ethics for a Better World
¤ Jean-René Bachelet ¤ 19 August 2008
The Army is a state institution that possesses the force of weapons. Under what conditions is the use of armed force legitimate? The answer to this question lies in military ethics. For a soldier, working for a better world is to reconcile the occasional need to use force with the obligations of the principle of humanity. This principle states that all human beings belong to one same humankind, and every individual has an inalienable right to respect of his life, integrity, and dignity. (...) read more

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