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<p>Two dangers constantly threaten the world: order and disorder. Paul Valéry</p> <p>Do what is right.  Rosa Parks</p> <p>Whenever you are in doubt, recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man. Gandhi</p> <p>The world is for the public good, such is the Great Way. Confucius</p> *

September 2011

Here is the latest information from the Forum for a new World Governance

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World Governance Index (WGI)

What is the purpose of measuring world governance? First, to get as true a picture as possible of its current state, just as other indexes that measure, for instance, human development … But the WGI is also intended to be operational, to induce decision makers to act or react in the direction of a more effective, more democratic world governance, more in phase with the environment. This 2011 WGI Report makes it possible to evaluate a state’s degree of governance, to identify its strengths and weaknesses, and to monitor its evolution since the 2008 WGI Report. A fascinating and surprising read!


At a time when the planet is urgently needing democratic and fair world governance, we are offering, for this issue of the FnWG newsletter, our 2011 World Governance Index (WGI) Report, which follows up on the first report published in 2008. A recent report on digital publishing in the “Third World” suggests that developing countries can seize the digital opportunity as a way of responding to the needs of their communities. One Proposal Paper pinpoints the issues that have the capacity of “changing the whole system,” while a second one makes a strong argument to include the poor of the world in global decisions that will affect their conditions. A seminar in Rio de Janeiro has prepared a citizen agenda for Rio+20 around the concept of “biocivilization.” News, too, from our ally ADT Fourth World, and the WGI of two major emerging countries: India and China. Finally, a musical tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr., whose voice of hope has been a source of inspiration over the years.

FnWG Team

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Information and Communication Technology
Digital Publishing in Developing Countries

New technologies are making deep changes in the way information is circulating. Developing countries, however, with serious limitations in their infrastructure, have a considerable challenge ahead of them. What policies could be implemented to promote the growth of this new industry and support traditional actors in the process of adapting to these changes? The digital experiences of the countries of the South suggest that these new technologies are a fantastic opportunity for them … on condition that they seek out models adapted to the needs of their communities.

When Dreams Come True

This video is inspired from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech of August 28, 1963 and from his last public speech on April 3, 1968, on the eve of his assassination on April 4, 1968, in which he declared: “ . . . I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you, but I want you to know tonight . . . that We, as a people, will get to the Promised Land.”

Proposal Paper
Seven Leverage Points for the Passage from Economy to Œconomy

This paper identifies seven concrete issues that should have a strong leverage effect to guide humankind through its necessary transition to sustainability. Each would entail changes in the entire system, which, if it remains as is, will ultimately destroy the planet and the human species.

You will find all the Proposal Papers currently available in the Proposal Papers section

Proposal Paper
Extreme Poverty and World Governance

The proposals outlined in this paper have two goals: to place the eradication of extreme poverty at the heart of the policies pursued by a new world governance; and to make clear that having the poorest members of humankind participate in the development of new principles and in the building of future world governance is an essential condition for such an undertaking to succeed.

You will find all the Proposal Papers currently available in the Proposal Papers section

Photo: François Philiponeau
ADT Quart Monde
International Seminar
Biocivilization for the Sustainability of Life and of the Planet

Rio de Janeiro, August 10 to 12, 2011

The purpose of this meeting was to add our contribution to the construction of a citizens’ movement facing the challenge of Rio+20. Participants worked on a citizen agenda, which will be different from the official agenda:

1 - What ethics, political and philosophical, are needed?
2 - With what economy?
3 - With what architecture of power, from the local to the global scales?

News from Our Allies
We’re children fighting to eradicate poverty

In the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, impacted by war and poverty, young group leaders from the Tapori Movement convey the message to children in their poor neighborhood that it’s great to be friends with other kids who don’t have any friends. Video (7’).

World Governance Index
China, India

The WGI developed here constitutes a first in world governance. Like any other prototype, the WGI can most certainly be perfected; it is an instrument limited, like most indicators of this type, by the availability of reliable data, among other factors. All the same, the WGI offers a relatively precise view of world governance.*

Understanding the indicators that constitute the WGI
See or publish the WGI of the country of your choice*

* The above tables have only been developed in French for the moment.

Paix et sécurité - Peace and Security
État de droit - Rule of Law
Droits de l’Homme - Human Rights
Développement durable - Sustainable Development
Développement humain - Human Development
Indice de Gouvernance Mondiale - World Governance Index

World Governance Index
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