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<p>The world is for the public good, such is the Great Way. Confucius</p> <p>. . . for with freedom  come responsibilities. Nelson Mandela</p> <p>True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice. Martin Luther King, Jr.</p> <p>Two dangers constantly threaten the world: order and disorder. Paul Valéry</p> *

December 2011

Here is the latest information from the Forum for a new World Governance

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Preparing Rio+20 at the Thematic Social Forum: A Historical Opportunity

Every year since January 2001, and every other year after 2005, the different actors of global civil society have assembled for mutual reinforcement and cross-fertilization at a World Social Forum (WSF), as well as at increasingly numerous and diverse Regional and Thematic Social Forums. Eleven years after the first WSF, the January 2012 Thematic Social Forum at Porto Alegre in preparation for the Rio+20 Peoples Summit in June, arises as a historical opportunity. Our FnWG teams are working actively with many allies to make of the Porto Alegre Forum and the Rio+20 Peoples Summit significant stages that will remain in the memories of the new citizenships of the early twenty-first century.
We are submitting to you here three Proposal Paper drafts that were debated at the international seminar organized by IBASE, the FnWG, and EURALAT in Rio last August. These texts are also contributions to prepare the debates around the main themes of the next Porto Alegre Forum. This will not, cannot be a lost decade.


2012, which has certainly sparked many an imagination and been the subject of many a prediction, is now knocking at the door! Beyond speculations on the Mayan calendar, it is indeed a year of numerous political transitions: major elections are set to take place in no less than 17 countries on every continent, including Oceania, and even at the UN, which is to renew the Security Council! As for the FnWG team, it is focusing its efforts on the Peoples Summit at Rio+20, which will convene in June. The spotlight here is on the results of a long participatory process ending in the formulation of three Proposal Papers that will be debated in Porto Alegre in January and presented in Rio in June (see story on the left). We are submitting them not only for your reading pleasure and interest, but for you to send us your contributions to enhance them. We are also offering the indignados and the 99% movements proposals for regulating transnational companies, the critical responsibility of which in the current global crises can no longer be contested. Our end-of-year gift to you is the World Governance Index (WGI) 2011, which follows up on the WGI 2008 and has since been fine tuned. And our deeply felt New Year’s wishes to you in the words of Confucius. May 2012 be a moment of collective forces joining for the future of life on the planet!

FnWG Team

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Types of Goods and Producers
The Future of the Commons

Twenty-one thinkers and activists from around the world gathered to discuss their shared interest in the commons as a new paradigm of politics, economics, and culture. The meeting yielded extraordinarily rich results: a clearer sense of how a new discourse of the commons might be developed; how it could be used to confront the savage pathologies of neoliberalism; and how it could serve as a proto-political philosophy for building more eco-friendly, humanistic forms of self-governance.

The Great Together

Confucius (551 BC - 479 BC) is one of the great sources of inspiration for rethinking world governance:

“I can do nothing for those who raise no questions
Study the past if you would define the future
To govern is to stay on the right path”

Questions, anyone?

Proposal Paper
Photo: Alain Bublex (Courtesy Galerie GP & N Vallois, Paris)
Regulating the Public and the Private Economy

The crisis in the financial system that has hit economies worldwide has demonstrated beyond any doubt the importance of regulating for-profit private and public transnational actors. This Proposal Paper analyzes the obstacles and provides viable proposals.

Charters for the United Nations Conference and the Peoples Summit

The heads of state who will meet at the UN Conference in Rio from June 20 to 24, 2012 will have the historic opportunity of agreeing on a Charter of Universal Responsibilities. On the issue of regulating climate change and of every individual and every state’s place facing the current challenges, the principle of responsibility has become the fundamental pillar that can help build the global community on new ethical and political foundations. The text of the Charter of Universal Responsibilities could be submitted to the chiefs of governments who will be meeting at Rio+20.
Read the proposal for a Charter of Universal Responsibilities.

In parallel to this Charter, the Peoples Summit at Rio+20 deserves a Charter as well, in order to leave the stamp of a written “footprint” of the historical demands of those who will participate on site and from afar in this event. At every moment of history that has marked a big change, peoples have sought to express their visions of the future in a Carta Magna, Declarations, and/or Manifestos. The Charter of the Peoples of the Earth is inspired from the historical South African Freedom Charter, which was the banner of the anti-Apartheid movement and was adopted in 1955 by the Congress of the People. This first version of the Charter of the Peoples was drafted by the coordination team of the Forum for a new World Governance and regional Citizens Assemblies in solidarity and committed with grassroots movements active in different continents. The text of the Charter of the Peoples is a first initiative and an invitation to talk. It is already being enhanced, modified, and reformulated through dialogs organized in preparation for the Rio+20 Peoples Summit and beyond.

News from Our Allies
People’s voices on Rio+20

Rio+20 is on everybody’s mind in Rio... and all over the world. For many of us, the Peoples Summit will be of utmost importance. People (and peoples) are preparing actively, and one of the big dates for that will be the Thematic Social Forum in Porto Alegre. The Rio+20 Portal presents "Peoples Voices on Rio+20."

World Governance Index
Spain, Greece

New: WGI 2011!
The Forum for a new World Governance launched the World Governance Index - WGI project in 2008. The idea was to develop a “tool” that would allow the players in charge of governance to be aware of the emerging issues and problems, and to help them to find the necessary solutions.
WGI tables and maps have now been developed in English too.
For this issue of the FnWG newsletter we are offering you the WGI 2011 for two European countries currently in the midst of the “euro crisis” tempest as well as their ranking compared to their WGI 2008.

See or publish the map of the WGI.

World Governance Index
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