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The New Roles of States and Territorial Scales

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The New Roles of States and Territorial Scales



Declaration of the Regions on Their Participation in Governance and Globalization

The goal of this declaration is to manifest the decision of the partner regions of all the continents participating in the preparatory meeting of the global Forum of Regional Networks to launch the necessary steps for the creation of this new institutional cooperation arena.

Some of the principal objectives of the global Forum of Regional Networks include:

- Making the voice of the Regions heard in globalization;
- Organizing new strategic governance rules including infra-state levels;
- Working among Regions to promote and increase competitiveness and knowledge sharing as factors in social and territorial cohesion;
- Adopting the principle of full consideration of the effects of development and the environment based on the principles of sustainable development;
- Supporting national policies at the regional level and preparing for the adoption of a Regional Charter in the public governance systems;
- Promoting, within the organizations in the Regions, the practice of paradiplomacy among the Regions of the world;
- Ensuring the solidarity and the transfer of knowledge and best practices between rich Regions and poor Regions.






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