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Statement No. 1

Mandela World Liberation Front (MWLF) ¤ 27 January 2014
Related themes: Climate changes ¤ Agendas and roadmaps ¤ Democratization ¤ Values and principles ¤ Environmental governance ¤ Peace building ¤ Player networking ¤ Fighting poverty and inequalities ¤ World-governance building strategies ¤ Citizen participation ¤ Citizen movements ¤ Living well ¤ Unity-Diversity ¤ Equality ¤ Global democracy ¤ Global identity ¤ Disarmament

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> Comment submitted by Enzo on 18 April 2014

Thanks for sharing this. I especially enjoyed the theme on climate change. The situation is worrying day, global warming has negative consequences on the environment to the natural disasters that are more and more accentuated as the tsunami for example. Yet men are not always aware of these effects which result in made of their massive holdings of their environments. What does do to make everyone realize that the world is destroying itself?

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> Comment submitted by an anonymous visitor on 11 February 2014

I am from the United States but was visiting Paris when I read Document 1. Reading it, combined with reading Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela clarified many things for me. One in particular---the US is in danger of becoming a plutocracy. We can’t let that happen and Document 1 and others like it, plus books like Mandela’s will help us to prevent it. We are in the millions. We can use our power to provide economic success, a good education and vibrant health for all without harming anyone else. Document 1 gives us some tools to work with to accomplish these goals.

> Comment submitted by Vedah on 4 February 2014


I find this statement inspiring and stimulating, but vague. Maybe that was deliberate for a first statement, and I’m not sure how I feel about the "anonymous" part of it. The inspiring side of it makes me want to join... but nothing is said about how to join the "front." Maybe the idea is for this front to federate and carry out a number of actions, like the one suggested by Ahmed for global economic justice (see his comment), but also other specific actions for global environmental, social, and political justice. One is for sure: there have to be global binding measures, which raises the question of who will enact them and enforce them. But a first step might precisely be to generate worldwide pressure for these actions.

Otherwise, I wonder how the MWLF is organizing or planning to organize (it’s so recent!).

These are my first reactions to the statement. I’ll come back to see if there are any more later.

> Comment submitted by Ahmed on 2 February 2014

Hi, I’ve found this information:

“The average McDonald’s employee takes seven months to earn what a McDonald’s CEO makes in an hour”.

From this article: “8 Ways Being Poor is Wildly Expensive in America”

So, if the average McDonald’s employee works approximately 90 hours per month (given that in the US most of them work part-time), the ratio between the CEO and the workers is more than 1:500.

Then, in regard to this and other examples of mind-bending wage disparities the author concludes with the following proposal:

“This is why it is time to raise the minimum wage, and index it to inflation. A $10.10 minimum wage will help lift working people above the poverty line and help end the perpetual high-wire act of falling further and further behind.”

As a reference, the current McDonald worker earns $7.23. To raise the minimum wage to $10.10 the ratio will still be 1:400.

This author, even if writing in a US progressive online media, is still in a pre-revolutionary mode as many others. The current situation for the poor majorities, either in USA, China, Indonesia, Africa or Europe, is becoming worse day by day to a point that we can affirm that we are in an historical dead-end situation for the people of the world. There is no place for negotiation anymore but for revolution.

The reformist proposals are not listened by those who have the power because they know that as far as they control everything: media, military, economy, national and international law, they have nothing to negotiate with us. It’s better business for them to exploit us unlimitedly.

What do we do when confronted by this? Consensuate maximalist proposals and defend them. So, what’s the first step before agreeing on maximalist proposals? To expose them by talking about them. One example: we are going to fight for a 1:5 ratio per country, doubled by a 1:5 ratio between countries and no less than this. This is a maximalist proposal that shows the global powerful elites that the time for real change has come.

I would like to hear about this kind of ideas from you and from everyone else that takes global justice seriously. I would like, for example, to participate in a global campaign for 1:5


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