The world is for the public good, such is the Great Way. Confucius Whenever you are in doubt, recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man. Gandhi Do what is right. Rosa Parks Henceforth, our country should be the universe. Flora Tristan *

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The International Movement ATD Fourth Worldis a non-governmental organization with no religious or political affiliation which engages with individuals and institutions to find solutions to eradicate extreme poverty. Working in partnership with people in poverty, ATD Fourth World’s human rights-based approach focuses on supporting families and individuals through its grass-roots presence and involvement in disadvantaged communities, in both urban and rural areas, creating public awareness of extreme poverty and influencing policies to address it.

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--- The Global Governance Project
--- The Global Compact
--- International Forum on Globalization
--- Global Marshall Plan Initiative
--- Biens publics à l’Échelle Mondiale
--- Institute for research and debate on governance
--- United Nations University
--- Governance
--- Coredem
--- Building Global Democracy
--- New Rules for Global Finance
--- Centre for UN Reform Education
--- Bretton Woods Project
--- Global Administrative Law Project
--- Inter Press Service (IPS)
--- Chaos International
--- The Blog of Chaos International
--- Rinoceros
--- Olivier De Schutter. UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food
--- Democracia Sur
--- ATD Fourth World
--- Peoples Summit. On the road to Rio+20
--- Social Watch
--- Choike
--- International Forum of national NGO platforms (ONG-NGO)
--- Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World
--- Citizens Assemblies
--- Global Governance Institute
--- Pambazuka News
--- Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières
--- Adital
--- Forum China?Europe
--- Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer pour le progrès de l’homme
--- World Resources Institute
--- GEG Project
--- World Social Forum
--- Reflections on a Revolution
--- The World Revolution
--- WikiLeaks
--- Al Jazeera English
--- AGTER - Improving the Governance of Land, Water and Natural Ressources
--- Habitat International Coalition
--- Alliance for Rebuilding Governance in Africa
--- Forum of Ethics & Responsibilities (FER)
--- Fondation Sciences Citoyennes
--- Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
--- IBase
--- Third World Network (TWN)
--- La Via Campesina
--- Network Institute for Global Democratization
--- Foreign Policy In Focus
--- International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect (ICRtoP)
--- International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
--- Tellus Institute
--- EarthAction
--- University of the People
--- Transnational Institute
--- Friends of the Earth International
--- Committee for the Abolition of the Third World Debt (CADTM)
--- World March of Women
--- Global Governance 2020
--- Site web de Ressources pour la Paix
--- Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS)
--- Center for People Empowerment in Governance (CenPEG)
--- Comité Catholique contre la Faim et pour le Développement (CCFD - Terre Solidaire)
--- Research and Information Centre for Development (CRID)
--- Tax Justice Network
--- Joint - Liga das ONGs em Moçambique
--- Perkumpulan Prakarsa
--- Praxis - Institute for Participatory Practices
--- Voice - Voices for Interactive Choice and Empowerment
--- Poverty Action Network in Ethiopia (PANE)
--- Global Financial Integrity
--- The Real News
--- Integrated Social Development Centre
--- FIDH : mouvement mondial des droits de l’Homme
--- Forest Peoples Programme
--- Global Witness
--- Green Cross International
--- Climate Change Task Force
--- Greenpeace International
--- Institute for Policy Studies
--- Web site on International Development of the Chaire de Recherche en Développement des Collectivités (CRDC)
--- International Land Coalition
--- Inaise
--- IRED
--- OECD Watch
--- Common Dreams
--- Attac International
--- Vigeo
--- Finance Watch
--- Sud PTT
--- Food First International Action Network (FIAN)
--- Centre Europe - Tiers Monde (CETIM)
--- Observatorio de las Multinacionales en América Latina (OMAL)
--- Corporate Europe Observatory
--- Enlazando Alternativas
--- Groupe de Recherche pour une Stratégie Économique Alternative (GRESEA)
--- Forum for Democratic Global Governance (FIM)
--- Sherpa
--- Peuples Solidaires
--- Planetworkshops
--- Public Citizen
--- Rainforest Action Network
--- International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
--- Ibero American Science and Technology Education Consortium (ISTEC)
--- European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center (ESISC)
--- Coordination SUD
--- Association 4D - Dossiers et Débats pour le Développement Durable
--- Institut du Développement Durable et des Rélations Internationales (IDDRI)
--- Institute for Transnational Arbitration
--- Transnational Institute for Grassroots Research and Action (TIGRA)
--- Dialogues, Proposals, Stories, for a World Citizenship (DPH)
--- NPI Initiative
--- Hong Kong Democratic Development Network
--- ???? China Dialogue
--- ?????? China Development Brief
--- Social Resources Institute (SRI)
--- ??? (Green TV)
--- Asia Sentinel
--- ?????? China Labour Bulletin
--- The Democratic Society
--- Sustainable Earth Alliance
--- International Alliance of Journalistes
--- REDD+ Social & Environmental Standards
--- World Forum of Fish Harvesters & Fish Workers (WFF)
--- World Learning
--- The Hunger Project
--- World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO)
--- Environment Liaison Center International
--- Small Planet Institute
--- Women’s Environment & Development Organization (WE DO)
--- Independent Media Center (Indymedia)
--- United Cities and Local Governments
--- United Cities and Local Governments Asia-Pacific
--- Plateforme des acteurs non étatiques
--- International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
--- International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
--- International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
--- Global Development Learning Network (GDLN)
--- Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
--- Beyond2015
--- Alliance Internationale des Éditeurs Indépendants
--- Third World Forum
--- Confederación de Trabajadores de la Educación de la República Argentina (CTERA)
--- Environment and Development Action in the Third World (ENDA-TM)
--- World Forum for Alternatives
--- Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy
--- Southern Africa Social Forum (SASF)
--- Ushahidi
--- East Asia Forum
--- CMS
--- The Green Belt Movement
--- Local Economic Development Network of Africa (LEDNA)
--- Resource Conflict Institute (Reconcile)
--- The Centre for Internet & Society
--- Research and Information System
--- Toda Institute
--- Global Alliance For Banking on Values
--- Global Issues
--- Globalization Monitor
--- Just Foreign Policy
--- Public Services International
--- Blue Planet Project
--- Good Electronics
--- Fair Labor Association
--- Global Governance Watch
--- Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies (CAPTRANS)
--- Global Footprint Network
--- The Widening Circle
--- The New Economics Foundation
--- Policy Innovations
--- Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs
--- Project Syndicate
--- New Perspectives Quarterly
--- Initiative internationale pour repenser l’économie (IRE)
--- CBD Alliance
--- Program on Democracy and Global Transformation
--- Global Voices
--- International Labour Organization
--- IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
--- World Health Organisation (WHO)
--- UNESCO. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
--- Global Education Magazine
--- Campaign for People’s Goals for Sustainable Development

Latest publications on this Web site:

Friendship Action for Children: Send a Messenger Bird!
¤ jeff ¤ 13 July 2020
Above artwork © by Cecile Wintrebert Originally published on ATD Fourth World UK’s web site. ATD Fourth World is part (...) Read more ? Cet article Friendship Action for Children: Send a Messenger Bird! est apparu en premier sur ATD Fourth (...) read more

Pela dignidade das pessoas do mundo inteiro
¤ jeff ¤ 9 July 2020
Com a pandemia do coronavírus, também se propagou a pobreza e o abandono das famílias e comunidades em situação de (...) Read more ? Cet article Pela dignidade das pessoas do mundo inteiro est apparu en premier sur ATD Fourth World. read more

Myth: People in Poverty Lack Political Intelligence
¤ jeff ¤ 9 July 2020
Drawing above: World Day for Overcoming Poverty in Warsaw, Poland – AR0200114002 © Jean-Pierre Beyeler These days there’s a lot (...) Read more ? Cet article Myth: People in Poverty Lack Political Intelligence est apparu en premier sur ATD Fourth (...) read more

Por la dignidad de las personas de todo el mundo entero
¤ jeff ¤ 7 July 2020
Con la pandemia del coronavirus, se ha propagado también la pobreza y el abandono de las familias y comunidades en (...) Read more ? Cet article Por la dignidad de las personas de todo el mundo entero est apparu en premier sur ATD Fourth (...) read more

This Lockdown Is a Lesson to Be Learnt From
¤ jeff ¤ 6 July 2020
Image above: Dan Farley from the Understanding Poverty in All Its Forms ATD Fourth World UK report. “In this period (...) Read more ? Cet article This Lockdown Is a Lesson to Be Learnt From est apparu en premier sur ATD Fourth (...) read more

Not Meant to Live like This
¤ jeff ¤ 3 July 2020
Image above: Painting by Guendouz Bensidoum and Maria Victoire, acrylic on craft paper, New Orleans, 2017 © ATD Fourth World – (...) Read more ? Cet article Not Meant to Live like This est apparu en premier sur ATD Fourth World. read more

¤ jeff ¤ 2 July 2020
A conjuntura mundial está difícil para todas as pessoas, porém é ainda mais difícil para os que vivem na pobreza (...) Read more ? Cet article ATREVER-SE A VER est apparu en premier sur ATD Fourth World. read more

Solidarity in Times of Crisis
¤ jeff ¤ 1 July 2020
Image above: 2020 Everyone is essential (Todos imprescindibles) ATD Fourth World © Luciano Olazábal By ATD Fourth World Bolivia The (...) Read more ? Cet article Solidarity in Times of Crisis est apparu en premier sur ATD Fourth (...) read more

Hurricane Katrina and COVID 19
¤ jeff ¤ 29 June 2020
By Maria Victoire ATD Fourth World Volunteer Corps member. Double plagues and overwhelming traumas for families living in extreme poverty (...) Read more ? Cet article Hurricane Katrina and COVID 19 est apparu en premier sur ATD Fourth (...) read more

The Invisibility of Women in Poverty: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow?
¤ jeff ¤ 26 June 2020
By ATD Fourth World-UK Ally, Anais Itani. On 28 April, an online conference at the Sorbonne University in Paris titled (...) Read more ? Cet article The Invisibility of Women in Poverty: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow? est apparu en premier sur ATD Fourth (...) read more

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