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Letter to our readers and to the Mandela World Liberation Front

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Monday, January 27, 2014 - 09:09

Dear Friends of the FnWG,

Much to our surprise, just as we were devoting our newsletter to the inspiring figure of Nelson Mandela (see [“Rediscovering Nelson Mandela for the Twenty-first Century”->]), the Mandela World Liberation Front, unknown to us, asked us to publish their “MWLF: Statement No. 1” and to put it to discussion on our Forum.

We liked the text for its vitality, for its ethical positioning, for its announced intention to be part of a broad movement of debate and action, and above all, because—by merely existing—it addresses the need to embrace and take over Mandela’s struggle, actualized to contemporary, hence global, challenges.

After an initial sense of satisfaction, the proposal triggered some heated debate in our small editorial board: Who are the MWLF? Who is behind it?
Why are they anonymous? Does it have a hidden agenda? Is it just one person’s vision? Is it Subcomandante Marcos? Manu Chao? Kofi Annan? Joan Baez? Fidel Castro? Bono? Winnie Mandela? Graça Machel? Does it answer to a large group of players who would rather remain unnoticed? A consortium of international NGOs? “Progressive” heads of state? A group of UN civil servants? Political leaders disappointed by the dissolution of the Socialist International? Why did they choose us, the Forum for a new World Governance, as their platform? By offering our platform to this movement, would we not be taking the chance of being manipulated?

This is the answer that we collectively chose to give.

{{ {To the Mandela World Liberation Front} }}

Your proposal to use our Forum to publish your first “statement” triggered much discussion among us. Your choice of anonymity raised, of course—you will easily understand—a number of reservations. Here is the conclusion that we reached.

{When all is said and done, it matters not who you are: we shall judge you by what you do}.

As long as you act through statements only, we shall judge you by what you write. What we shall always hold as most important are the goals that you pursue, and your ethics in advancing them. As you have stated them, and until there is evidence to the contrary, they are also ours.

We therefore offer you our platform as you have asked us to. We will help to facilitate debate around your statements, since this is precisely what we do. We will also manage a Facebook page under the same terms.

{We reserve the right to discontinue our collaboration unilaterally, as we see fit, depending on how the situation evolves.}

We wish you all the best in your ambitious project.

{May your journey be successful!}
_ FnWG


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